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Still Life by Margaret Firth

Ref# MMPC-4837
Oil on board still life by Margaret Firth (1898-1991)

Please note the other painting in the fourth image is for sale separately.

The painting measures 26cm by 34cm and the frame measures 38cm by 46.5cm.

Margaret Firth was a Bradford born Artist who studied at the Bradford school of Art under Fred Stead and Harry Butler. She was a quiet and unassuming person who spent many years at home with her parents, who very much encouraged her art and built her a studio at home. However he work was often sidelined while she cared for her ill parents and brother.

Her work took off when at the age of 50 she found herself alone without any family. She became well known on the local art scene and was exhibited widely throughout Yorkshire and she established a considerable reputation during the 1960's despite the fact that she had no wish to promote herself.

The Bradford Art Gallery, The Wakefield Art Gallery and the Leeds Art Gallery all exhibited her work, Bradford once exhibited 25 of her works in 1955 in the show 'Contemporary Painting, Sculpture and Crafts.

This piece of work was from the estate of the eminent Yorkshire Artist Marie Walker Last (1917-2017)

Price: £850