Young Guns Blog

Baubles, Bangles and Bourbons!

The first of our regular features with George Johnson inviting a colourful and key characters in the antiques trade to join him in conversation. Who better for our debut piece than Ian Towning, the Duchess of the King's Road! The delightful and flamboyant Ian Towning talks to George Johnson about life, celebrity, and keeping afloat on the King's Road since the 1970s.


Young Guns on parade at the NEC

Antiques for Everyone , 31 October – 3 November 2013, at the NEC in Birmingham has gone a stage further and provided a bespoke pavilion colour coded with the Antiques Young Guns green and black logo, for these bright young things who are committed to the business and in for the long term. Their enthusiasm is infectious and will soon be on show via their web site Antiques Young Guns which will be fully loaded in time for their outing at this respected and heavily vetted fair.


Fashion Designer & Pop Stars Love Unloved 'Brown Furniture'

In these days of ‘celebrity worship’, it’s always significant when one of them shows their love for antiques. Where they go, a great many follow. When Harry Styles from One Direction (right) was spotted at an antiques fair last year buying “a van load” of antique furniture for his new flat, it caused a new sensation to ripple through his many millions of followers, many of whom are dedicated followers of all things vintage already. And he’s not the only one, as country music singer Taylor Swift is apparently a a fan of antiques and vintage too.


A shot in the arm for the future of the trade

National Antiques Week 2013 will run a campaign to find the most interesting and endearing story from one of the new generation of antique dealers we have christened 'Young Guns of the Antiques Trade'. In the coming months we will be offering young dealers, auctioneers and fair organisers the opportunity to apply for the chance of being voted Young Gun of the Antiques Trade 2013.


Shopping the Autumn Decorative Fair at Battersea Park in London

The Antiques Diva® team is ALL over the place this month.  Gail, our UK Diva, joined Susan, our Italian Diva and me in Parma, Italy this past week for Mercanteinfiera meanwhile Lucretia, our Belgian and Dutch Diva was in London shopping the Autumn Decorative Fair at Battersea Park!


Invitation to Alfies Antique Market Christmas Shopping Party

We would love to invite the Antique Young Guns to the Alfies Christmas Shopping Party on the 12th December.  Once again Alfies will be opening its doors for exclusive after-hours Christmas Shopping.  Now in its 36th year, the Alfies Christmas Shopping Party offers one of a kind gift from over 75 independent antique and vintage dealers, all under one roof. 


Young Guns of the Antiques Trade Campaign

Britain’s next National Antiques Week will highlight and celebrate younger members of the trade who will shape the future of antiques, collectables, vintage and retro. Far from being a stuffy, staid and stodgy industry that’s dying off, the industry is as vibrant as ever and is changing with the times.
A vibrant band of young people under 39 are working across all areas – owning shops, taking over established and sometimes reviving weary family firms, working as auctioneers ...


Book Review: Killer Stuff & Tons of Money

As the nights grow chilly and draw in on us, there’s nothing more enjoyable than the cliché of curling up on a comfortable antique chair with a good book. Books about antiques and collecting that don’t focus on a particular subject area are rare, probably due to the potentially limited readership. Those that do get published invariably focus on a salacious scandal to sell copies, such as The Art of The Steal which covered Christie’s and Sotheby’s and their price-fixing agreement.